We Are Serving The Captive Retail Market Of Travelers With An Intelligent Vending System Of Cold Beverages And Snacks

What Problems Are We Solving?

  • Elevating the Customer Experience riding in public transit vehicles
  • Providing refreshing drinks and snacks to weary travelers
  • Offering additional revenue streams for Fleet Operators
  • Creating a new distribution channel for Food & Beverage brands
  • Introducing a smart, vending system within vehicles (Patented)
  • Digital kiosk offers Entertainment and Information hub on the locale, events & product offerings

Public Transit; An Untapped Market of 10 Billion Travelers

We offer:
  • Additional revenue streams beyond cool drinks and snacks during the ride
  • Ways to entertain, educate and interact with travelers introducing them to local sights, events and product offerings
  • An interactive kiosk to provide travelers with relevant information on the hotels, restaurants, tickets, performances and product brands
  • Elevating the customer experience while creating a new market place for fleet operators and Food & Beverage brands
  • Access to huge market of captive passengers secured by the Oasis Vehicle Refreshments patent .
US Market segments:
  • Taxis: over 1.4 Billion passengers annually
  • Rental cars: 2.2 Million rental cars in 2017
  • Commuter buses: over 100 Million passengers annually
  • Trains : Amtrak serves over 31 Million passengers annually

Additional Information for Investors

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